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   AC Semi-hermetic Series

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 Name:AW 6-cylinder compressors
 Type:AC Semi-hermetic Series

AW series 6-cylinder refrigeration compressors

( Nominal Power: 25HP, 30HP, 35HP, 40HP, 50HP )

AW series compressors are the extension products of AC series compressors developed on the base of technology imported from Hitachi, Japan and Arctic Circle, UK. The nominal power of the series compressor is from 25 HP to 50 HP; Discharge volume with 3 specifications: 106 m3/h; 129 m3/h; 154 m3/h. The series compressors have 6 specifications with evaporating temperature of 12.5℃ to -20℃ or –5℃ to –40℃. The series compressors can work stably with both HFC and R22. The refrigerating capacity with R22 is 10 kW to 204 kW.
Superb Design Technology
The machine body and other key components processed by precision machining centers offer the powerful insurance for the precise operation of compressors.
The precise structure of crank-shaft, connection rod, piston and the precise profile processing of valve plate and piston top enhance the efficiency of the compressor. .
The Sweden steel valve plates are high efficient and resistant-proof .The optimized structure of gas valves has the features of high efficiency, small resistance and long life. 
The motors with insulation grade F, big size, high efficiency and high rotation rate ensure the high refrigeration capacity, low power consumption and operational safety.
The fine surface treatment of crankshaft, friction-proof shaft bushing, light weight aluminum piston and other good quality components effectively ensure the precision, reliability and durability of compressor operation.
The big volume oil pump pressure lubricant system, advanced main shaft neck and seal structure and unique oil return system ensure the reliability of compressor lubrication system and reduce the oil content in the gas to the up most extent.
6 cylinders and W structure and optimized balance design make the compressor small vibration, low noise and more stable operation.
The standard design of shaft bushing and reasonable fixture design make the maintenance and dismantlement of compressors easier and convenient.
Perfect Safety Protection
The reliable PTC thermal resistor sensors monitor the temperature of compressor winding during the compressor operation. The excessive temperature of motor caused by any fault will make the compressor stop automatically. The compressor will be allowed to restart 5 minutes after the temperature of the compressor declined by 3K .
The temperature sensible detector of discharge gas is the monitoring protection of compressor discharge temperature. When the discharge temperature exceeds 150 ℃, the compressor will automatically stop, effectively avoiding damages brought out by overheat of compressor. 
The incorporated safety discharge valve will bypass the compressed gas between discharge cave and absorption cave when the pressure difference between absorption and discharge reaches to certain limit, thus effectively protecting the compressor.
The heater in the crankshaft case can effectively prevent the lubricant from excessive dilution due to the inlet of gas during the stoppage of compressor, overflowing and bubbling when restarting, which ensures the compressor well lubricated in the starting period and effectively protects the mechanical parts of compressor. The design of bush type electric heater makes it possible to maintain and dismantle the heater and prevent the leakage of freezing oil and freon.
The design of deep oil tank effectively ensures the reliability of lubrication system of the series compressors in general conditions and prevents big vibration of oil in crankshaft case when starting and ensures the reliability of compressor lubrication.
Safety attachment selections:
Standard attachments:3-phase/4-pole/double-star connection electric motor(380V/3~/50Hz;440V/3~/60Hz);
Motor protection module :INT69TM(220V/1-50Hz);
Discharge temperature detector:PTC/140℃;
Option attachments: Motor with extra power requirement;Top cooling fan;Sprinkling cooling system;Oil cooling unit;Crank shaft case heater.

Technical Data & Dimensions

Compressor model



Evap.Tem.Range (R22)

-5 ℃~-40 ℃

+ 12.5 ℃ ~ -20 ℃

Cond.Tem.Range (R22)

30 ℃ ~ 45 ℃

Suction Return Temp.

Max 25 ℃

Max Pressure Rate


Max working pressure

Low tension side : 2.05MPa ;
High tension side 3.00MPa

Max Pressure Difference

1.8 MPa

Max Gas Discharging Temperature

130 ℃ (discharge pipe 150mm away from discharge valve, 
surface temperature )

Suction superheat

Min.10; Max. Keep the discharging temperature below 130 ℃

Power supply


Electromotor insulation level

Level F( 145 ℃ )

Allowed voltage difference

Rated voltage±10%

Two phases of current non-balanced


Two phases of voltage non-balanced


Maximum start-up times per hour


Maximum oil temperature in crankshaft case

80 ℃

Maximum surrounding temperature

43 ℃

Note:1.When the refrigeration compressor is using R22, the evaporation temperature is at the range of -15 ℃ ~ -25 ℃ , a vertical cooling fan should be installed at the cylinder head; the evaporation temperature is at the fang of -25 ℃ ~ -40 ℃ , a liquid injection system should be used simultaneously. Fan assembly is the optional parts of the compressor unit. 
2.In the table, the maximum working pressure, maximum pressure difference, suction superheat, the highest ambient temperature and discharge temperature are all the limit values of the refrigerating compressor.

Technical Data & Dimensions

Compressor model

Refrigerating Capacity (KW)



Φ 68 mm
Φ 68 mm
Φ 75 mm
Φ 75 mm
Φ 82 mm
Φ 82 mm



Cylinder configuration

6 cylinder W model

Piston gas discharge amount

106 m3/h
106 m3/h
129 m3/h
129 m3/h
154 m3/h
154 m3/h


Rated power (kW)

18.5 kW
26 kW
22 kW
30 kW
30 kW
37 kW


YY double star ( 50% winding +50% winding)

Start-up mode

PWS starting for winding( time lag 0.5~1 sec

Insulation level

Level F( 145 ℃ )

Rated speed

1440 rpm.

Max consumed power

26 kW

38 kW
31 kW
44 kW
44 kW
55 kW
45 A
61 A
55 A
75 A
75 A
93 A
102 A
150 A
138 A
198 A
198 A
243 A
Block current
190 A
250 A
230 A
330 A
330 A
405 A

Power supply

380V±10% / 3N~ / 50Hz;440 V±10% / 3N~/60Hz

Electromotor protector
PTC temperature protector

Exhaust temperature protector

PTC induce temperature probe

Lubricating oil

Oil type


Oil capacity

7.5 L / 4.5 L

Methods of lubrication

oil pump lubrication (reversible)

Safeguard protection

220V / 1 N~ / 50Hz
Cylinder top cooling fan
220V / 1 N ~ / 50Hz / 150W/2950m3/h Blow mode

Crankcase heater

220V / 1 N ~ / 50Hz / 150W

Connection pipe Dia.

Suction pipe mm

Φ 54 mm ( 2-1/ 8” )
Φ 67 mm ( 2-5/ 8” )

Discharge pipe mm

Φ 35 mm ( 1-3/ 8” )
Φ 42 mm ( 1-5/ 8” )

Overall Dim. (mm)

L790 × B530 × H520 / 450 & 380 × 305 —— 4 × Φ11

Weight (kg)


Note:1.Nominal refrigerating capacity (1)operating mode condensation temperature 30 ℃ ,evaporation temperature -15 ℃ ,suction temperature 25 ℃ ,no liquid subcooling.(2)Operating mode condensation temperature 40 ℃ , evaporation temperature 5 ℃ ,suction temperature 25 ℃ ,no liquid subcooling. 
2.Installation dimension detail refers to drawing 2.


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